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The Wondrous World Of Punt

The caravan is close to enter 
Inside the land of Punt 
Rivers of gold and scented lakes 
Beyond the desert dunes 
Eye of the sun is hot and carving 
Have we been led astray? 
Punt is a world of unseen bliss 
But can we trust the eyes? 

A lost land. Precious dream 
Wondrous world of Punt 
Ruled by Bez 
Listen when e's player his harp 

In the desert you'll maybe find 
Your world of Punt 

Find a light in a dream 

Neter Ta, the Land of gods and beasts 
World of Punt, your dream is lost today 

Neter Ta, world of Punt 
You will forever live on the fields 

The vision was so near, it was so real 
Fata Morgana played her game 
A world of wonder, you saw... 
(But) in the morning it vanished in the night