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Emerald crown

During the war that took place in heaven 
The brightest of the star lost his precious crown 
It fell down to earth and was buried deep. 
From that very time man has searched for it 

Son of dawn lost the crown in the end. 
Holy knights riding out on a quest 
Searching it in the sky and the earth. 

It's the cup of graal they will find 
It's the crown of the star from the sky. 
Holy knights bring it back to the king. 

Emerald crown. 

Visit the interior of the earth 
And by purifying you find the stone. 

Find the crown of lucifer, 
Watch the glare of emerald 
Bring it back to paradise 
And drink the wine of the graal 

Roses of the venus star 
And dewy drops of emerald 
Is the way to illuminate 

The secret path of achmardi.