Text písně

Caught In A Moment

Your stare swallows me
And I can hardly breathe
I feel it's dangerous,
Could be deadly
Somehow I'm willing to do the things you want
Take me in your arms
Spoon-feed my heart and

Drip by drip
I'll take it all
Sip by sip
I guess that it's
Make or break
Boy here and now

We're caught in a moment
And I won't let it go
I am falling deeper, losing my control
Involved in a feeling
Like the blink of a eye
And the silence it belongs to you and I

Broke through barriers
And passed a state of mind
I'm not scared no more
It feels divine
So take me in
And catch me when I fall
I'm waiting on the edge
Uncut my soul

Snip by snip
I'm oozing it
Bit by bit
I'm taking it
Step by step
Boy here and now

Chorus 1x

Secretly I let it slip
Emotional I fall through it
All I know I'm losing my control
I'm down your way too far
And there's no turning back
And now I'm shedding all my fears
I know, I know

Chorus 1x

oooh ahhh ooooh oooh
oooh ahhh ooooh oooh
oooh ahhh ooooh oooh