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An Old Thick Wall

I´ve got a feeling sometimes like a stone
Back home ev´rything is slow
I can´t simply stop this hurricane
You can´t be so unkind ev´ry day
You told me one thing - I don´t wanna hear
And it seems like the furture´s
gonna be so cold
I must say it´s all right to ev´ryone we meet
Wanna ujst lie
in your arms - shit

Far away where there is no way
Far away loneliness coming
Far away so save our souls, friend
Far away

It looks like you found a wrong man
I feel never needed your true laugh
So just take off your showy dress I hate
You stop now these crazy lonely deaths
I wanna say all right ti ev´ryone you´ve met
What´s the mather now whit your adventures?
Better look twice´cause pale they need to go
You stop, you stop, you

Far away...

C´mon, c´mon
I wrote it on a lonelyy wall
I wrote it on an old thick lonely wall

Far away....