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Iron Fist With An Iron Will

This is the action counter reaction 
To all things dead, crawling dead 
This is the counter action reaction 
To all living things who should be dead 

Burn their bodies, parasites 
Fuck their minds, genocide 

This is the tired old story of shit 
About things, all of them braindead 
This is renewal, perhaps a better end? 
About shit that ended up digested 

Burn their minds, parasites 
Genocide of one of a kind 
Now that we are spilling blood 
Ignorants cry for God 
Now that we are raping their souls 
Innocents cry for more 
Thus we finally came this far 
Got what you prayed for 
Useless fucking digested shit 
Turn around and suck this: 
Iron fist with an iron will 

[Music & Lyrix: Luttinen]