Text písně


You fucking inbred shit, you make me so sick 
I'll teach you a lesson you will never forget 

I'll hunt you down, you faggot fucking whore 
Smash your fucking skull and laugh when I am done 

Cursed be the day when you were born 
You should have been aborted now that's for sure 

And one more thing, this is what I think 
Whatever you are involved in is nothing but pure shit 

Say just one more word and here comes my fist 
It rips that faggot face apart you fucking inbred shit 

And I won't rest before you are dead 
And maggots are consuming your oversized head 

Die you fuck, drop fucking dead 
I am glad to help you, you fucking piece of inbred shit 

Even if I would be caught I couldn't care less 
'cause long time ago I stopped caring 

My hate is fuelling my inner burning fire 
And to end your life, now that's my desire 

I just hope you have guts to fight 
For I am happy as hell to end your fucking shitty life 

[Music: Kellokoski] 
[Lyrix: Luttinen]