Text písně

Angel Rectums Do Bleed

See it with your own eyes if you don't believe me 
Come on, just one cut and angel rectums do bleed 
Taste it with your own tongue, now that's real blood 
Slip your finger inside and hear the weep of God 

[cho:] Thundering damnation 
Hellfire salvation 
Redeeming abomination 
Masturbating till death 

Feel it with your own finger if you don't believe me 
Hard as stone, golden rectum yet red blood it bleeds 
Slice it open, open wide and find about the reek of heaven 
Throw away your inhibitions, smear the shit with devil's semen 

[repeat chorus] 

Rub it with your own penis if you don't believe me 
Golden walls of angel rectum feel like pure goat skin 
Now that you have been liberated, baptized in angel's blood 
It's time to move on, next stop is God's cunt 

[repeat chorus] 

[Music: Anttila] 
[Lyrix: Luttinen]